Lavish Your Mom With These Gifts for Mother’s Day 

If haven’t gotten a calendar alert, Mother’s Day is coming . Yes, Sunday, May 13, is all about the ladies who give Us life, advice and the side-eye when needed. And the get. the. job. don. That’s why it’s super-duper important to spoil her with the most amazing gift possible for her special day dedicated to how she’s such an amazing parent.

From belly-loving goodies for the pregnant lady in your life (hey, she’s a momma to be!) to luxurious pillows and linens that will help your mom catch up on the sleep that you no doubt deprived her of during your childhood and teen years, 2018 proves to be a really good year to gift your mom something lavish. Check out our curated guide to the best lifestyle, beauty and accessories to pick up for your mother to help her celebrate Mother’s Day feeling refreshed, renewed and just as special as she is to the folks around her.

Bella Hadid’s Go-To Necklace Is $17

Bella Hadid
Andreas Rentz/Getty

Rejoice! It just got a whole lot easier to dress like Bella Hadid. The trendsetting supermodel, who has almost singlehandedly revived ’90s-inspired slender sunglasses, scrunchies and so much more, has been spotted wearing the same gold-tone chain necklace on three very different occasions in the last two weeks. And, as it turns out, the chic neckpiece is the “Kim Chain” by fashion jewelry brand 8 Other Reasons and retails for just $17. Proving the simple strand goes with everything, Bella has worn it to the beach, on a shopping date and even on the red carpet in Cannes.

While vacationing in Miami late last month, the catwalk queen was spotted out with bff Hailey Baldwin in a pair of baggy Levi’s jeans and Converse kicks that she paired with a VDM The Label bikini top (who said swimwear was just for the beach?) and the necklace.

Later that day, Bella enjoyed the yacht life and traded her jeans and short-sleeve swim top for a flesh-tone Dipped in Blue string bikini. She accessorized the sexy two-piece with her now-signature tiny frames (this pair was from her sister Gigi’s Vogue Eyewear collection), Bagatiba hoop earrings, grey scunchie and — you guessed it — 8 Other Reasons chain.

8other reasons necklace

Proving the affordable neckwear is just as worthy of the red carpet, the model is currently in Cannes for the 2018 Film Festival, and she used it to accessorize her flirty white minidress and Alexander Wang Rina beaded pumps at a Magnum event on Thursday, May 10.

Bella Hadid

Given Bella’s affinity for emulating the model-off-duty style of the ‘90s OG supermodel crew, we’re not surprised she’s a fan of this throwback chain necklace, but the creative ways she has styled it is all 2018.

John McCain's Family Slams White House Aide Who Reportedly Said 'He's Dying Anyway'

The family of John McCain is speaking out following an insensitive comment that White House aide Kelly Sadler allegedly said regarding Senator McCain’s ailing health on Thursday, May 10.

According to a CBS News source, Sadler’s remark came during an internal White House meeting on Thursday morning where she joked that “it doesn’t matter” because “he’s dying anyway,” while talking about McCain’s opinion of intelligence officer Gina Haspel.

And it didn’t take long for the Arizona senator’s family to respond. McCain’s wife, Cindy, directed a tweet to Sadler later that same day which read, “May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.”

John McCain and Kelly Sadler Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images; Ron Sachs - CNP / MEGA

Meanwhile, their daughter, Meghan McCain, used her morning talk show platform to express her feelings toward Sadler.

“So the first thing I want to say is,” Meghan began during the Friday, May 11, opening of The View. “Don’t feel bad for me or my family. We’re really strong. There’s so much more love and prayer and amazing energy being generated towards us than anything negative at all. My dad’s actually doing really well right now. And I believe in the power of prayer and I think it’s helping. So I want to thank the positivity of people for that.”

The 33-year-old political TV personality then added, “Kelly, here’s a little newsflash — and this may be a bit intense for 11 o’clock in the morning on a Friday — but we’re all dying. I’m dying, you’re dying, we’re all dying.”

The White House issued a statement to The Hill later Thursday which read: “We respect Senator McCain’s service to our nation and he and his family are in our prayers during this difficult time.”

The 81-year-old senator first revealed his brain cancer diagnosis in July 2017. He was most recently hospitalized in April just two days after he underwent surgery for an intestinal infection.

“On Sunday, Senator McCain was admitted to Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and underwent surgery to treat an intestinal infection related to diverticulitis,” his office said in a statement at the time. “Over the last few months, Senator McCain has been participating in physical therapy at his home in Cornville, Arizona, as he recovers from the side effects of cancer treatment. He has remained engaged on his work as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and has enjoyed frequent visits from his family, friends, staff and Senate colleagues.”

Selena Gomez Was 'Very Involved' in '13 Reasons Why' Season 2

Hands-on producing! Selena Gomez didn’t just create a hit song for season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. The “Back to You” singer is also an executive producer on the Netflix drama and is a large part in the second season, star Justin Prentice, who plays villain Bryce Walker on the show, told Us Weekly.

“She’s fantastic. She’s the reason that this got made in the first place,” Prentice, 24, told Us at Nylon magazine and Popular TV’s UROK Foundation Charity event on Thursday, May 10. “She pops by set a lot. She comes up and will do dinners and talk about kind of character development, and story development, and that type of thing. She and her mother, Mandy Teefey, are both EPs on it. So they’re still very much involved.”

Bryce on 13 Reasons Why
Bryce on 13 Reasons Why Beth Dubber/Netflix

Gomez released a new song, “Back To You,” on Thursday that will be part of the season 2 soundtrack. “With this song, it’s a very special record. I want it to be a beautiful message in a really complicated way but really fun. But I think that ‘Back To You’ is more of my special project that I wanted to give to Season 2,” she said in an interview with Apple Music. “I just think that what I learned more than anything is just how making an impact can look differently. I think what we’re doing and what we’ve always wanted to talk about was genuinely just to care about people and to get it out in that certain way. Where nobody is trying to desensitize it. I think I just learned to be bold, to stand by what you believe in.”

Prentice also spoke to Us about playing the most hated character in the show. In season 1, Bryce raped both Hannah (Katherine Langford) and Jessica (Alisha Boe). To get in that mindset, he had to do a ton of research. “We had a really good team. A lot of good resources. I talked to several psychiatrists and sexual assault advocate experts for preventing sexual assault and kind of went back and forth to sort of piece it all together to make it as accurate as possible,” he said. “But yeah, he’s kind of an asshole, and I’m not usually. So it was a stretch.”

Dylan Minnette, Brandon Flynn, Miles Heizer and Kate Walsh also star in the drama.

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why hits Netflix on Friday, May 18. Season 1 is currently streaming.

Sarah Drew’s Final Days on the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Set Will Make You Teary-Eyed

An emotional goodbye. After a heart-wrenching penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 10, actress Sarah Drew took to Instagram to share a variety of photos from the episode. The actress will be leaving the show after next week’s season finale, so it’s only fitting that she’s starting her goodbyes now.

The most emotional of the photos were the ones featuring April’s other half, Jackson (Jesse Williams). In a pic taken by her makeup artist Ani Plotkin-Maloney, Jackson is in April’s arms as she’s in her hospital bed. Drew, 37, wrote that Williams “knocked the scene out of the park” and that, just like audiences, she was “destroyed” by that scene.

“For me, this photo speaks volumes about our partnership. Jesse and I had some very trying stories to tell over the years and there were many moments when we really needed to lean on each other to get through them. And we did,” she wrote. “The scene right here where Jackson prays over April was one of those moments. It was agonizing for me, because I wanted so badly to reach out and offer him support in the scene- to let him lean on me – cuz that’s what we do for each other- but I had to just lie there unconscious letting him do his beautiful work alone. So, after he finished his coverage, I reached out to hug him and our makeup artist @lovveeani caught it on film. Our partnership on this show has been so sweet, so collaborative, so challenging (in the absolute BEST way). We got to tell stories that really matter, that have reached out and provided a safe space for people to love, laugh, mourn and grow. I will be forever grateful to my co-captain for the 9 years of friendship and for the opportunity to tell such beautiful stories together. Thank you, Jesse.”

Below are more behind-the-scenes photos that she shared on Instagram.

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Kim Kardashian Didn’t Realize Kanye Had Anxiety After Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian admitted in a new interview that she wasn’t aware that her husband, Kanye West, was suffering from anxiety in the wake of her 2016 Paris robbery.

“Not really ‘cause he always is so strong,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 37, said on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Friday, May 11, when asked whether she initially realized how much the “Waves” rapper, 40, had been affected. “Obviously, he made a lot of changes with our security detail and spent so much time taking meetings and doing all of that kind of stuff just to make sure everything was really different. But as far as emotionally, he always was really strong, and that’s who he is, my rock.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend the ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’ Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on May 2, 2016. James Devaney/GC Images

Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her hotel room during Paris Fashion Week in October 2016. The group of masked burglars tied her up and stole approximately $10 million worth of jewelry, including her $4 million 20-carat engagement ring. The following January, 10 people were charged in connection with the crime. Another suspect was arrested this April.

“Now I can read the reports of what the people in jail said. They said they had been following me for two years, and that’s crazy,” the KKW Beauty founder said on Live. “There was a couple dozen people involved. They definitely were such a machine that they figured out when [West] wasn’t going to be there.”

She continued, “When I got all my family members on the phone, I was like, ‘You guys, thank God this wasn’t you. You would be messed up for the rest of your life.’ I’m mentally really, really strong, and it gets me through so much.”

West was hospitalized for a mental breakdown one month after the robbery. He recently said in an extensive interview with iHeartRadio’s The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God that the health scare was caused by “fear, stress, being controlled and manipulation,” among other factors. He later revealed on TMZ Live that he suffered from an opioid addiction after undergoing a liposuction procedure in 2016.

Live With Kelly and Ryan airs on ABC weekdays. Check your local listings.

Lauren Bushnell: I Haven't Spoken to Ex Ben Higgins in a Bit

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins may have ended their engagement amicably, but don’t expect them to keep in touch too much.

“I have not [spoken to him],” Bushnell exclusively told Us Weekly at a FabFitFun event, in which she hosted in West Hollywood on Thursday, May 10. “I know he started his coffee company, Generous, which he was working on when him and I were living in Denver and so I texted him and congratulated him because I know that was a big deal for him. I think it’s such a cool company, so other than that, not really.”

The former flight attendant, who was on hand to promote the Dear Rosé and the ISH all-in-one brow pencil, says that “it’s hard” that the pair “are in the same circle and same world.”

Lauren Bushnell attends JustFab’s FabForFestival Pop-Up on April 15, 2018 in Palm Springs, California. Jerod Harris/Getty Images for JustFab

“But I know a lot of what’s going on his life,” she noted, “and I wish him nothing but the best.”

Bushnell and Higgins, 30, announced their split in May 2017, months after they got engaged on his season 20 of The Bachelor. Bushnell is currently dating Devin Antin, but says that transitioning him into the Bachelor Nation world wasn’t easy.

“I don’t think I gave him enough credit for how hard it is or how hard it was, especially because we did start dating relatively soon after Ben and I went our separate ways, and he was such a champ about it,” she told Us. “He was so supportive, but I know it was hard for him at times to constantly have to hear about my ex and to know I was engaged and all that stuff. That’s gotta be hard.”

Bushnell hopes that her new beau is The One, but isn’t completely certain. “I don’t know though,” she admitted. “Every time I’ve been in a relationship, I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’ I’m assuming when that time comes, you will know, but I would say right now we’re both just enjoying where we’re at and trying not to force that. I feel like I’ve already somewhat recently been down that road, so the last thing I want to do is force something or speed things along. I just want things to naturally progress and that’s kind of what we’re doing.”

For now, the “low-key” couple are just enjoying simple date nights together. “We love doing nothing more than like watching Netflix, chilling, going to dinner. Then on the weekends we’re definitely social,” she told Us. “I tend to be the one that gets a little anxious at times and he’s very not. He does not stress, so I think he calms me down when I do need to be calmed down and we have the same senses of humor and the same interests and he’s very entrepreneurial. … He really pushes me to go after things that maybe I wouldn’t have or been too nervous or afraid to do in the first place.”

With reporting by Carly Sloane

Sons of Anarchy’s David Labrava Reveals Son, 16, Committed Suicide

David Labrava revealed on Thursday, May 10, that his 16-year-old son, Tycho Spelis Chiusano, committed suicide.

“Never in a million tears would I think I would be posting this,” the Sons of Anarchy star wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post. “This is my boy Tycho. He took his life a couple of days ago at 16 years old. He suffered from a depression we couldn’t see because he was a happy young kid.”

He continued by offering a warning to others to look for signs of depression in the people they care about: “Communicate with your loved ones, there might not be any signs. Cherish them. I am broken.”

The 55-year-old actor, who played Happy Lowman on the FX series, shared photos of himself and his son through the years. In one photo, Chiusano is standing next to his father, who is dressed as his Sons of Anarchy character, on set.

Labrava also included a link to a GoFundMe page, which reads, “Tycho’s last wish was, ‘Give all of my money to a depression and bipolar organization,’ … so that’s exactly where it’s going!” The page has already nearly reached its $10,575 goal in just one day. Chiusano’s family hopes to raise awareness about red flags that signal depression.

“An amazing and beautiful soul, Tycho was extremely intelligent, athletic, loyal, and a sensitive friend,” the page continues. “He was full of life, constantly smiling, and had a knack for making others laugh. Tycho loved his family and friends. This is how we will forever remember him!”

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Watch Dr. Chris Brown Save Endangered Animals in ‘Vet Gone Wild’ 

On a mission! Australian vet Dr. Chris Brown is set to travel all over the world to save animals on the new Animal Planet show titled Vet Gone Wild.

“From operating on endangered rhinos in Africa, saving sick wombats in Tasmania, freeing fur seals trapped in fishing line on Phillip Island, rescuing dogs from the meat trade in Southeast Asia and helping orphaned sloths in Costa Rica, there is no animal too big or too small that Dr. Chris won’t help,” the press release for the series reads. “Viewers will experience the undeniable positive effect Dr. Chris has on the animals, people and places he touches.” 

Vets Gone Wild
Vet Gone Wild

Brown is set to visit Thailand, Fiji, South Africa, Vietnam, Namibia and Tasmania during the course of the series and will travel “by boat, on foot, by motorcycle or plane.” 

“My mission is clear,” Brown said in the press release. “Make a difference to the lives of animals that would otherwise have no-one. What’s not clear is how we get to some of the most remote and spectacular places on the planet. And that’s why this is such an adventure.”

The reality TV vet is best known for his Australian series Bondi Vet, which premiered in 2009. He also hosts The Open Road with Doctor Chris on CBS and has made appearances on Australian news program The Project. 

Vet Gone Wild premieres on Animal Planet Sunday, June 10, at 8 p.m. ET. 

Gilles Marini: I Want to Text Kim Cattrall About ‘SATC 3’

For Gilles Marini, working with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall on the set of the first Sex and the City movie was all fun and games.

“I did not feel any tension, even [on the red] carpet and everything else,” the 42-year-old actor, who played Dante in the 2008 film, told Us Weekly exclusively at the Solo: A Star Wars premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 10.

Speaking on Cattrall’s decision not to reprise her role as Samantha Jones in the now-canceled third SATC movie, Marini added, “People have the right to say, ‘No, I don’t want to do this.’ If it’s not important or meaningful for a person to do a film, then to each his own. If it wouldn’t be the same, I understand why the studio would pull the movie.”

But the Dancing With the Stars season 8 runner-up doesn’t harbor any ill feelings toward Cattrall, 61, Parker, 53, or director Michael Patrick King.

“I’m always going to be very, very thankful to [them] for giving me so much help during the shoot of the film that, to date, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he told Us. “Naked, in front of 20 people? I’m wearing, like, [no] clothes, right out of the shower. You would never catch me naked. So it was very difficult for me to become Dante, but as soon as I did, I became that person and let it go. I love those guys.”

Marini continued, “It’s too bad that there is animosity, but I’m not really aware of it. … I would love to have seen a No. 3, or maybe finishing what I started with Kim. … I’m going to text her tonight and say, ‘Let’s just write something and finish what we started.’”

Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw, first revealed in September that the film had been scrapped. Soon after, Willie Garson, who portrayed Stanford Blatch, implied on Twitter that Cattrall was to blame due to her “outrageous demands” for more money, which she later denied.

“My heart isn’t in it anymore,” the actress wrote on Instagram in October. “I’ve moved on. 61 isn’t 53 or 41. I have learned so much from our Sam. She was my hero but I want to rest & not work as much as I have been doing for years. I want a less hectic life.”

The drama worsened in February when Cattrall slammed Parker for sending condolences after the unexpected death of the former’s brother, Christopher. “Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now,” Cattrall wrote on Instagram at the time. “Let’s make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.”

Parker then clarified in an interview with Vulture in April, “There is no catfight. I have never uttered an unkind, unsupportive, unfriendly word. … I’ve always held Kim’s work in high regard and always appreciative of her contributions. If she chooses not to do the third movie, there’s not a lot I can do to change her mind and we must respect it.”

Chicago Fire’s Jesse Spencer: ‘I’d Like to See Casey Be a Single Guy’

On this week’s Watch With Us podcast, Chicago Fire’s Jesse Spencer joined Us Weekly to talk all about the future of Casey and Dawson (Monica Raymund) following the Thursday, May 10, season 6 finale.

Read highlights below, then listen to the full interview above!

Us: When you read the script and saw Dawsey’s ending, what did you think?
Jesse Spencer: I have mixed feelings about it. We don’t really know that it’s an ending but watching it all put together, it kind of felt pretty final … they’re both standing their grounds on this issue and both have really good points on both sides. It’s kinda sad.

Us: Kinda sad? You mean heartbreaking. I think Dawsey fans are going to be heartbroken.
JS: I know! We’ve been building toward something for so long and it looks like, right now, that that’s going in a different direction. That is kind of sad, but that’s life too.

Us: We spoke to (cocreator) Derek Haas and he said he’d like to film some of next season in Puerto Rico with Casey there to see Dawson.
JS: Sure! They want to fly me to Puerto Rico? … I would absolutely love nothing more to do that, to see if we can keep stringing it along. It would be strange ending for her just to leave. I hope we will.

Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson and Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey on Chicago Fire Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Us: Do you think Dawsey belong together in the end?
JS: I think they do. They’ve always been playing toward that. But just because I think they do, things happen in life. That’s the sadness of it, but I think they know that they’re a good couple together and they’ve been through a lot. It’d be sad to see something like a baby comes up, they can’t figure out or move around or work together on … it is kind of tragic.

Us: What do you hope for Casey next season?
JS: It depends on what happens in this story line. I was actually going to think about that during the break. If the relationship couldn’t last, then it would be good for Casey to be single and focus on being a firefighter again. I think, taking time to take a step back from relationships and to gather himself again … they’ve seen a lot of tragedy so they’re good at picking up the pieces and moving on. I’d like to see Casey be a single guy and really focus on his job and do what he does best.

Us: We haven’t seen single Casey in a very long time!
JS: No, I know! That’s why I’m like, I don’t even know who this guy is! I’ve forgotten.

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Review: Charlie Puth Proves He’s ‘Here for the Long Haul’ on ‘Voicenotes’

Charlie Puth's Voicenotes
Charlie Puth’s ‘Voicenotes’ Atlantic Records

For many fans, the drawn-out release of Charlie Puth’s sophomore album, Voicenotes, was excruciating. He debuted the lead single, “Attention,” more than a year ago, and the delays that followed were aplenty. But it was worth the wait.

The poppy 13-song disc (out Friday, May 11) is impressively crafted and a far cry from his soul-driven 2016 debut, Nine Track Mind. This time around, Puth, 26, doles out hit after hit, most of which he produced himself, on a project that’s perfect for summer.

Voicenotes opens with the feisty “The Way I Am,” which blends electric guitar riffs with an upbeat melody. “I’mma tell ’em all that you could either hate me or love me,” he warns. The radio-friendly single “Attention” follows, and its lyrics are brazen and mature (“I know that dress is karma, perfume regret / You got me thinking ’bout when you were mine”). In fact, it’s quite possibly the most grown-up song from Puth’s catalog thus far, barring “Empty Cups.” But more on that one later.

Charlie Puth attends 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2017 at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. / MEGA

“L.A. Girls” and “How Long” are equally catchy. On the former, Puth yearns for a lover on another coast and repeatedly croons, “I miss my baby.” The latter finds him calling out an unfaithful ex, a theme he again explores on “Somebody Told Me.”

He effortlessly showcases his smooth-as-butter vocals on the midtempo ballad “Patient” and the finger-snapping, straight-from-the-’90s Boyz II Men collaboration “If You Leave Me Now.”

The synthy standout “Slow It Down” — which features writing credits from Daryl Hall and John Oates, better known collectively as the duo Hall & Oates — is best played with the volume all the way up and the windows rolled down. “Girl, you gotta slow it down,” Puth begs during the chorus. “I’m not trying to fall for you.”

The seduction continues on the aforementioned “Empty Cups,” on which Puth seductively sings, “You wanna go upstairs, but you don’t wanna sleep / Oh, right now we’re in a rhythm / Your boyfriend’s no competition / Turn off your phone and blame it on your battery.”

The album’s strongest point is the addictive “Done for Me,” which is sure to become a hit due to its insanely infectious chorus (“I lie for you, baby / Die for you, baby / Cry for you, baby / But tell me what you’ve done for me”). The dancey track finds the singer-songwriter trading verses with R&B singer Kehlani, who adds the finishing touch to an already exquisite number.

Voicenotes ends on a tender note with “Through It All,” a coming-of-age piano ballad sonically reminiscent of Puth’s earlier singles “See You Again” and “One Call Away.” He sings about remaining fearless through the good and bad, even paraphrasing the late Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” which Puth once called “one of the best records of all time.” In the second verse, he reflects, “Maybe it’s my recklessness that got me in trouble / But at least I did it all my way.”

And doing so works for Puth because he just proved that he’s here for the long haul.

3 stars (out of 4)

Tori Spelling Calls Dean McDermott Her ‘Rock’ After Family Drama

Tori Spelling is all about positivity! The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum opened up to Us Weekly exclusively about parenting with her husband, Dean McDermott, months after dealing with some family drama.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott attend Monster Energy Supercross Celebrity Night at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on January 23, 2016 in Anaheim, California. Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Feld Entertainment

“My husband and I have it so balanced,” Spelling, 44, told Us at the OPI Grease Collection launch at Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood on Thursday, May 10. “We really balance each other with getting it all done. We’re kind of that rock for each other. I always feel you’re not given more than you can handle.”

In a way, the former True Tori star enjoys the chaotic moments in life. “The more you put on my plate, the more creative I am, the more things get done,” she said. “I could never be complacent having one child. I mean, God bless anyone that has one child. Children, whether you have six or one, it’s great. But one child, I would be like, ‘OK, but what’s next?’ It’s my thing.”

Spelling and the Chopped Canada host — who are the parents of Liam, 11, Stella, 9, Hattie, 6, Finn, 5, and Beau, 14 months — made headlines in March after a domestic incident at their family’s home in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. A source told Us exclusively at the time that the couple had been “fighting a lot lately.” But just a few days later, they were spotted kissing on a TV set in Malibu.

The Stori Telling author told Us on Thursday that she feels “a little more guarded” as a mom whenever there are rumors about her personal life. “It takes everything in you to not scream from the rooftops, ‘It’s not true!’” she said. “But I’ve been in this business long enough to know that … it does eventually go away.”

And with Mother’s Day coming up, Spelling and McDermott plan to get away and spend some quality time with their children. “I think we’re probably gonna do a little staycation for the weekend,” she told Us. “It’s just going to be our family. … Dean will be on full-time kid duty. He’s on baby duty. Literally, baby doody.”

Melanie Griffith Adores Dakota Johnson's Boyfriend Chris Martin

Mom approves! Melanie Griffith gushed over her daughter Dakota Johnson’s boyfriend, Chris Martin, on Thursday, May 10.

“I adore him!” she told Us Weekly and other reporters at the Global Gift Foundation USA Women’s Empowerment Luncheon. “She is very private about her life and I respect that.”

Us broke the news in December 2017 that Johnson, 28, and the Coldplay frontman, 41, are dating. “They’ve gotten to know each other really well and are very comfortable from one another. Chris sends Dakota his music to get her opinion. It’s more than just a fling,” an insider told Us at the time.

Melanie Griffith, Dakota Johnson, and Chris Martin Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Inset: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for J/P Haitian Relief Organization

The pair were spotted together on a date at Sushi Park in L.A. and Nick Cave’s concert in Israel one month earlier. “They came in and they were really, really nice, like extremely nice. It was a surprise,” an eyewitness told Us of their concert outing. “They sat with Nick Cave too. I didn’t see them kiss or hold hands or anything like that. They ordered some starters and not a lot of food.”

Griffith, 60, isn’t the only one who is rooting for the couple. (Johnson’s dad is actor Don Johnson.) In January, a source told Us that Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, “trusts his judgment” when it comes to the new relationship.

Although Paltrow “doesn’t really know” Johnson, the women have mutual friends. “Gwyneth is happy if Chris is happy,” the insider noted. “She only wants the best for him.” The exes, who finalized their divorce in July 2016 after 12 years of marriage, are parents of daughter Apple, 13, and son Moses, 11. Us exclusively revealed in November 2017 that the Oscar winner is now engaged to producer Brad Falchuk.

Griffith, meanwhile, filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas after 18 years of marriage in June 2014. “I will always love him and he will always love me. We had a great 20 years together,” she told Us on Thursday. “I figure if you love somebody and you have children with them, how can you stop loving them? And how can you make it… why would you ever make it so that your children weren’t with both parents? We have all of us together. It’s like one big huge family. It’s really cool.”

With reporting by Carly Sloane

John Stamos Introduces Son Billy to 'Full House' Costars

Have mercy! John Stamos‘ son, Billy, is a lucky little boy. The newborn met his famous dad’s Full House costars Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin on Thursday, May 10.

Stamos, 54, shared an Instagram photo of his longtime friends smiling on at his baby boy, who wore a “Jesse and the Rippers” black and white onesie. The outfit, of course, is a reference to the band that Stamos’ character played in during the family series.

“The Tin Man, Dorothy and The Scarecrow say hi to the cutest of Munchkins. #BillyandtheRippers,” Stamos wrote.

The Tin Man, Dorothy and The Scarecrow say hi to the cutest of Munchkins. #BillyandtheRippers

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Saget shared the same pic and wrote: “So much love John. Most beautiful boy and Mommy & Daddy ever. So proud to be a new Uncle/Tin Man, my brother.” The snapshot was taken by the comedian’s fiancée, Kelly Rizzo.

Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, welcomed their first child last month. “From now on, the best part of me will always be my wife and my son,” he wrote on social media at the time. “Welcome Billy Stamos (named after my father). #NotJustanUncleAnymore #Overjoyed.”

Back in February, Loughlin told Us Weekly that she was “so happy” that Stamos was going to be a dad. “He’s going to be a great dad. He’s always been good with kids. And Caitlin is just the greatest girl. She’s so good for him. I’m happy to see that he’s finally found love.”

Bella Hadid, Ex The Weeknd Spotted Kissing at Cannes Film Festival

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were seen kissing at the Magnum VIP Party in Cannes during the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival at Magnum Beach on May 10, 2018 in Cannes, France. Splash News

These two! Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have now been spotted kissing twice within the past month. This time, the exes were photographed getting cozy and locking lips at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Thursday, May 10.

The pair leaned into each other while attending the Magnum x Alexander Wang afterparty. In February, Us Weekly exclusively reported that they haven’t “ruled out” getting back together. (Their reunion comes days after the model walked solo at the Met Gala in NYC on Monday.)

Last month, Us exclusively revealed that Hadid, 21, and the singer, 28, were caught kissing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid attend the “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology” Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2016 in New York City. Mike Coppola/Getty Images

“They were completely all over each other,” an insider told Us at the time. “They are 100 percent back together.”

The source added that they “kissed a couple of times and Kylie and Kendall Jenner went over to their table for a bit as well.” Hadid’s older sister, Gigi Hadid, was also at the event. Bella would go on to deny the interaction, writing “It wasn’t me” on Instagram.

The exes previously split in November 2016 after dating for nearly two years. The Weeknd went on to romance Selena Gomez, but the couple called it quits after 10 months in October 2017. Gomez, 25, would also rekindle a relationship with her ex — Justin Bieber — but the duo have since gone their separate ways.

Oddly enough, Gomez released the song “Back to You,” a rumored nod to Bieber, just hours before Bella and The Weeknd showed off PDA at Cannes on Thursday.

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Carrie Underwood’s Workout Secrets Revealed

After a winter spent recovering from the November fall that left her with a broken wrist and between 40 and 50 stitches in her face, Carrie Underwood looked strong and swimsuit-ready at a May 4 event for her Calia by Carrie activewear line. Her secret? “She got back in there as quick as she could,” the 35-year-old’s trainer of 10 years, Erin Oprea, reveals to Us.

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‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Talks Finale Twist: Is That the End of Dawsey?

Warning: this story contains spoilers from Chicago Fire’s Thursday, May 10, episode!

When one couple’s great, the other’s cracking. That was the case on Chicago Fire’s season 6 finale. While Stella (Miranda Mae Rayo) and Severide (Taylor Kinney) finally got a happy ending – he deserved one – Dawsey was not so lucky. After learning that having a baby would be a huge risk, Dawson (Monica Raymund) told her husband Casey (Jesse Spencer) that she wanted to try anyway. He refused, suggesting adoption instead. She then refused because of their history with Louie. So, in an impulsive move, she made a huge change, telling Chief Hatcher that she’d like to join the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Starting with the positive, cocreator Derek Haas admitted to Us Weekly that Severide had been through enough and while having Renee (Sarah Shahi) was a nice twist, he wanted Kidd and Severide to be together at the end of the season. “When we look at our board for the season, we look at what’s going to be our shocker, our upswing and heartbreak. It was definitely Severide’s turn after the last few seasons of having really tough romance-enders and best friend! We’ve been building them all season,” he said. “I do think Severide has a nature-nurture problem that comes with the territory when he’s dealing with relationships. But Kidd is special… I really like them together.”

And while Stellaride got the upswing it looks like Dawsey got the heartbreak. But will Dawson really go to Puerto Rico and will Casey follow her?

Jesse Spencer Monica Raymund Chicago Fire
Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey and Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson on ‘Chicago Fire.’ Elizabeth Morris/NBC

“I would love to be able to go to Puerto Rice and shoot for a week. Get Casey there, have Dawson there, but I can’t make any promises. I have no idea,” Haas noted. “I can see that episode in my head but I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do it.”

However, the conversation of children isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “This issue is as big as you can have as an obstacle in a relationship. Since the very first episode, Casey has talked about wanting to be a father. She gets emotionally raw about the way that that could happen. It’s not thought out. It’s impulsive. It’s not even rational or how you should be thinking about these things but that’s what life does,” he added.

Chicago Fire has been renewed for a seventh season at NBC.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Did April Survive?

It’s not easy to say goodbye. The Thursday, May 10, penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured a near-fatal car accident for Sarah Drew’s April. The hospital staff spent the duration of the episode trying to revive her and trying to hide it from Jackson (Jesse Williams). Once he did find out — and after three hours of CPR — she finally got a pulse.

Sarah Drew on Grey’s Anatomy ABC/Eric McCandless

Jackson stayed at her side and eventually began praying. “I’ll do anything, just don’t take her away,” he cried, holding her hand. “Don’t take April.” With that, her grip tightened around his hand and her eyes opened.

This moment is everything! #GreysAnatomy

— Greys Anatomy (@GreysABC) May 11, 2018

Many fans thought this could be the end for April, as ABC revealed in March that Drew as well as Jessica Capshaw would both be leaving the show at the end of the season – an announcement that came as a surprise to the two actresses.

Coshowrunner Krista Vernoff explained the decision on Twitter at the time, writing, “The decision to make changes to our cast was a creative one … We love these actresses and we love these characters and it felt true and right creatively to wrap up their stories. And that is the whole story.”

Ellen Pompeo recently opened up to Us Weekly about Vernoff’s decision, admitting it definitely wasn’t an easy choice.

“I had to just try to support everybody and be as supportive as I can. I have to think about other people before myself and think about the girls,” Pompeo told Us on May 1. “Everybody we lose on the show … every time we lose someone, it’s devastating because we are a family. And it’s super awkward! It’s not like films where you work for three months, and you’re not going to see the people, or you’ll see them at the junket and that’s it. You know, we really are together, through births, through death, every day, sickness and health.”

She continued: “It’s really an odd family, that we’re thrown together with. So, when these things happen, there is, there’s a lot of tumult. You know, inside, there’s chaos, and feelings, and sadness and anger, and it’s a lot to deal with.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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